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Translucent Fabrics

Translucent roller blinds let in light while blocking outside visibility. Made from 100% polyester, translucent roller blinds are a long-lasting choice that is weather and sunlight resistant. These blinds are made of light and semi-transparent fabrics, which allow the diffusion of light, avoiding direct glare. They are ideal for environments where you want to maintain natural light, but also seek a certain degree of privacy.
Translucent blinds are a popular option for use on windows in living rooms, bedrooms and offices.
In addition to filtering light, translucent blinds can also help reduce heat and glare from the sun, protect furniture and floors from fading caused by UV rays, and provide some thermal insulation.
In summary, translucent blinds are a versatile choice when looking to balance natural light and privacy in the environment, providing a pleasant and comfortable environment.

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